XS Universal Spring Straps

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XS Universal Spring Straps

  • One kit attaches to almost any scuba fin
  • DIR style .025 stainless springs
  • Internal caveline to limit overstretching of springs
  • Heavy-duty nylon tube webbing
  • 3 styles of 316 stainless steel buckles included
  • "Old School" buckles fit Turtle™, Power™, Frog™, Jet™, Twin Jet™, Rocket™ and others
  • "Large Post" buckles fit most of today's modern fins
  • "Small Post" buckles fit Atomic split fins

How to Select the Proper Size

  • Remove the strap from one of your fins
  • Insert your foot into the fin pocket while wearing your boot
  • Measure from the attachment point on one side of the fin, around your heel, to the attachment point on the other side
  • Choose the Spring Straps with an overall length that is approximately 1" shorter than the measured distance

Spring LengthOverall Length
8" / 203mm 10.5" / 267mm
10" / 254mm 12.5" / 318mm
12" / 305mm 14.5" / 368mm