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We can help set up your own dive vacation or you can join us on one of the Adirondack Scuba Dive Adventures. 

 We have partnered with Blue Green Expeditions to take you to destinations you never thought about. All tours are led by experienced guides.

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Past trips: 



April 2018

This is a special trip led by Faith Ortins from DUI. Explore the wonders of Down Under with DUI as we explore one of the most remote parts of Australia – TASMANIA! Home of the Tasmanian Devil on land and amazingly rich marine life underwater such as leafy sea dragons, fur seals, and magnificent kelp forests. Whether you love marine life, intricate caverns, caves, walls, canyons or shipwrecks, Tasmania has something for you. And on land, you can enjoy pristine national parks and incredible historical sites.

About Tasmania

Tasmania is an island state, part of the Commonwealth of Australia and is located 150 miles to the south of the Australian continent. The state includes the island of Tasmania which is the 26th largest island in the world and the surrounding 334 islands. Tasmania is promoted as the natural state and the “Island of Inspiration” due to its large and relatively unspoiled natural environment. Almost 45% of Tasmania lies in reserves, national parks and World Heritage Sites.


We have dedicated boats from EagleHawk Dive Centre that allow us to explore a wider selection of further away dive sites. Here is a sampling:

Giant Kelp Forest (Macrocystis pyrifera)

Once common all along the ocean coasts of the Tasman and Forestier Peninsulas, climate change has forced the retreat of the giant kelp forests to just a couple of small areas in this region; the main one we visit now is in Munro Bight. Under ideal conditions, the Giant Macrocystis Kelp can grow over 1.5 ft per day, forming towering columns to the surface from 65’ creating a unique, shaded environment – swimming through the Giant Kelp Forest has been likened to flying through a rainforest. A truly amazing experience.

The unique habitat of the Giant Kelp Forest is home to a wide variety of smaller kelps and other algae, plus many animals including Weedy Sea Dragons, various wrasses, banded stingrays, skates, cowfish (boxfish), octopus and the occasional Bigbelly Seahorse, amongst many others. This is a relaxing dive suitable for divers of all levels of experience.

There's plenty more including caverns, wrecks, walls, diving with fur seals and more!  Check out this video.

North Sulawesi, Indonesia

July 23- August 3rd, 2018


Join us for the most bio-diverse diving in the world.  We will spend 5 days diving at Murex Bangka for beautiful reef diving then move a short 1 hour boat ride and dive along the way to the world famous Lembeh Strait with Lembeh Resort for another 6 nights.

The “Critter Capital of the World”, a “Muck Diving Mecca”, and the “Twilight Zone” are just a few of the names that have been given to Lembeh over the years – but is it really that good? Absolutely. Lembeh is famous for having the world’s best macro and critter diving for good reason and Lembeh “muck” is probably the most famous “muck” in the world!

Muck diving is at its best in Lembeh, where the sheer abundance of biodiversity and unique critters is greater than it is anywhere else; every dive reveals countless “special finds!” The particular excitement in muck diving lies in finding rare, camouflaged, and breathtakingly beautiful critters in the strangest of places. For beginners, the marine life found by your guide is simply intriguing, unique, and downright weird all at once. For more experienced divers, the exhilaration of making “special finds” for yourself gives a rush of adrenaline that can’t be matched. And for underwater photographers, a great photograph speaks many millions of words.

Murex Bangka is a diver’s paradise. Stepping onto the white sand beach feels like stepping into the story of Robinson Crusoe. Nestled under shady trees and white sand, the resort is built just steps away from the beach and our private, crystal-clear turquoise lagoon. Bangka is a beautiful lush island and one of Indonesia’s most famous dive areas. The House Reef right in front of the Resort is amazing; snorkeling and diving there is a must! Our secluded beach is perfect place to sit back, so laze in our hammocks, relax, and watch the tide roll in. At Murex Bangka we are all about creating a comfortable, laid-back atmosphere.

The itinerary is as follows:

 5 Nights in a Deluxe Cottage at Murex Bangka (23-28JUL, 2018)

All meals & snacks; unlimited drinking water, coffee & tea

Airport transfer, free WiFi and tax included

4 Days of diving with 3 Guided Boat Dives per day at Bangka
4 Complimentary Self-Guided House Reef Dives

Boat transfer from Bangka to Lembeh plus 2 dives on the way

6 Nights Accommodation in a Garden View Room at Lembeh Resort (28JUL-03AUG, 2018)All meals & snacks; unlimited drinking water, coffee & tea

Airport transfer, free WiFi and tax included

15 Guided Boat Dives at Lembeh Resort 
15 Complimentary Self-Guided House Reef Dives

Upgrade to Deluxe Ocean View Cottage at Lembeh Resort: $360 

Upgrade to Nitrox on a boat dives: $180 published, (self-guided dives will still be air)

 Not included: flights, dive rental gear, dive and travel insurance



November 3rd - November 10th, 2018


Join Adirondack Scuba in Cuba!!! You will spend 7 nights onboard the luxorious Jardines Aggressor II  liveaboard exploring the spectacular Gardens of the Queen (Jardines de la Reina) National Park, located 60 miles off the southern coast. During the week, Cuban specialists will host nightly discussions and presentations on the marine environment, conservation, and the importance of this magnificient ecosystem. Interactive exchanges will discuss how Cuba has maintained one of the healthiest marine ecosystems in the Caribbean. This is legal travel for Americans and is a people to people educational trip. Airfare is not included and averages about $500 roundtrip from NY.

Cuba Travel Program II Details:

  • Transfers are included to/from the Santa Clara Airport (Abel Santamaria Airport) or Camaguey (Ignacio Agramonte Airport); both are located 2 1/2 hours from Jucaro where the Jardines Aggressor II departs from. Transfers are included for flights arriving by 6 pm Saturday at both airports. Guests arriving before may wait for the transfer from the airport to the Jardines Aggressor II at 6 pm.  Travelers must be onboard Saturday evening for dinner and the program. If travelers are making their own way, boarding is at 5 pm.
  • During the week, Cuban biologists will be speaking on ocean conservation and the ecosystem of the Gardens of the Queen.
  • Diving at the Gardens of the Queen starts Sunday morning to Friday.
  • Saturday am disembarkation transfer to the Santa Clara Airport or Camaguey Airport at 8 am. A tour and lunch will be provided arriving at the airport by 1 pm.
  • All meals are included in the Cuba Travel Program

Not included: flights, port fee, conservation fee, travel and dive insurance


For dive travel insurance, we highly recommend purchasing through DAN. Please use this link to support DAN and our shop when purchasing trip insurance.