Advanced Scuba Training

Adirondack Scuba is a 5 Star SDI/TDI Dive Center. We offer high quality training for Recreational and Technical Scuba Divers from beginner through to instructor. The entire Adirondack Staff hold certifications through Scuba Diving International and Technical Diving International.




Advanced Diver Development

Your first step in continuing your education is to enroll in the SDI Advanced Diver Development program. This program emphasizes instructor directed specialty training and self-directed experience dives to develop skills, knowledge, and personal confidence for the new or active diver. 

Exploration Specialties include:
• Advanced Adventure.
• Deep Diver.
• Diver Propulsion Vehicle Operator.
• Search and Recovery Diver.
• Underwater Navigation.
• Wreck Diver.

Environmental Specialties include:
• Marine Ecosystems Awareness.
• Research Diver.
• Underwater Photography.
• Underwater Videographer.

Dive Conditions Specialties include:
• Altitude Diver.
• Boat Diver.
• Drift Diver.
• Night and Limited Visibility Diver.
• Shore Diver.

Cold Water Specialties include:
• Ice Diver.
• Dry Suit.

Unique SDI Specialties
• Computer Diver.
• Computer Nitrox Diver.
• CPR1st Administrator.
• CPROX Administrator.
• Equipment Specialist. 


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